Monday, June 26, 2006

Happy Birthday to my blog

My blog completed a year - on 2nd June, to be precise - but a lazy bum like me forgot as usual. Anyway - be late then never - Happy Birthday to my Blog. So, it has been more then a year in this blog world and I have made many nice friends. When I started blogging I didn't have a clue what I'll write and what not? I wasn't even sure whether I'll continue with it or not. Inspite of all that I just gave it a try and its really nice to know that I have completed one year, althought there have been long breaks in-between - nevertheless.
I can't say that I have made a lot of friends - just a few - but I always prefered quality over quantity. I always like to make long term friendships - short term, just for fun friendships or friendships formed on give and take hypothesis are not my type. I am also a selfish type, who never likes or wants any friend to leave, but many of bloggers have stopped blogging and have gone out of touch. I really feel sad thinking about them.
I'll like to thank all of you, each and everyone reading it, each and everyone who used to blog and have stopped blogging now - all of you have helped me complete one year here. Without your encouragement, support and comments it would never have been accomplished. Thanks again!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Letter "T"

I have been tagged by Silky Moon. She tagged me earlier also on some other topic, but I didn't take up her earlier tag and so let me atleast try this tag. The alphabet she gave me is - 'T". God, couldn't she find any other more difficult letter? You tell me - How many names or things start with "T"? Come on, come on - try to name atleast 5, then you'll understand my situation.
The first thing that comes to my mind is -
Tea - Wel, I am neither a tea addict not I have any allergy from it. But thats the first thing that popped into my mind, while thinking about T, so just writing it here. I normally have tea twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. But, there is no hard and fast rule - I might skip the morning one, might skip the evening one, might have 4-5 cups of tea in a day. It all keeps varying to seasons, mood, situation etc.
the next thing that coes to my mind is -
Time - I value time a lot. I strongly dislike people who are late, waste their or other's time. Or in other words - time is precious to me.
Taj Mahal - I don't think I have to write anything about it as everybody knows about it. To add my personal views - I havn't gone to see Taj Mahal yet, inspite of me living in Delhi and it being not too far. Probably the reason could be that I am not much interested in seeing it.
Tomato - I like tomatoes. Sometimes when the food is being made, I just go into the kitchen - pickup a red tomato - slice in into two halves - put salt and pepper on it and eat it - its delicious.

Thats all I can think about - 'T'. Sorry, dear - 'T' - you wern't meant to be in such a sorry state that I have put you in, but you know, you knocked at the wrong door - this nerd can't even remember names of people - How did you expect this junkie could have listed 5 or 10 things starting by you? Extremely sorry, dear.