Friday, August 17, 2012

I lost it again. That is my ability to type. This has remained a constant problem for me. Some days I am able to type better then others. Some days it gets so bad that I can't even type a single character. Those times are very hard for me. There is no other way then, but to wait patiently and let the tide turn in your favor. It feels like all the strength in the fingers has been lost and nothing in this world would help it.  
I am not able to write one post per day. Its hard for me to find topics to write on. One more week has gone by and I have nothing much to write about. I just dream of doing things but in actual do nothing much. A very big lazy fellow that I have  become.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Reason for blogging

It is difficult to write - from where do I start writing. A lot of ideas are simultaneously hitting my head.
So let's first talk about the reason for starting this blog again. The main idea behind starting this blog was to fight against the boredom in my life. You see like everybody else, I too have 24 hours to spend in a day, but unlike everybody else I have nothing to do - completely, absolutely nothing to do. Being deaf and a quadriplegic makes matter worse.
For that matter I have a job but there is nothing for me to do and for how long can one keep doing the same sort of crappy things over and over again and again. A few days back I completed 13 years of my job. It is not like I am in a wrong profession or the profession I did not like - I most certainly wanted to be a computer engineer. Today also I get a lot of satisfaction in writhing a computer program. But due to being a deaf and a quadriplegic I am stuck in the same place with no growth and nothing new to learn. Its getting very stagnant out there.
        Apart from the job, I have tried my luck in the share market. I lost Rs 850//- on them.
Blogging is the third one of my tries. Let us see how it goes. Fingers crossed.Hopefully it would give good results.
               One good thing is that there is no tension or worry in my mind. The only thing is boredom or monotony setting in my life. If I could fight that I would be a happy man. At least there would be something to look forward to after getting up in the morning i.e. the comments of others.
           Some people have suggested playing games, Soduku puzzles etc but I have no interest in them. I wish I had some interest in playing games. I could have zoomed away by playing my favorite games but alas that is not the case. I like reading books too but unable to find out suitable titles to read. Can you suggest me some other books to read.
                 In other words you can also say that this blog of mine is a desperate attempt by me to fight boredom.