Friday, July 14, 2006

Small post after a long time!!!

A few months back a friend of mine was blessed with a baby boy.

No, no thats not the reason to write this post. But, I had to write the above line in order to make the following lines understandable.

After spending 3 months maternity leave she now goes to office. Why the hell we men don't have paternity leaves? Okie, okie - leave that apart. The thing is now her husband stays at home i.e. works from home and takes care of his child whereas she goes to office. Means he does everything from changing diapers to feeding him and all other things that a stereotype society like ours, expect only women to do.

There are two very heartening things here -
1) Many men have started taking active roles in the domains which were only labelled as that for womens' and vice versa.
2) Many companies have started realizing that their employees also live a life apart from doing work and have started some favourable policies in this regard. The number of companies doing that is quite few but hopefully in the coming years situation will improve.

And on personal fromt - These days I don't know why sometimes I like sitting idle - doing nothing - just thinking. There was a time when I was unable to sit idle even for small while and always required to do something or the other. Probably I have gone crazy or knocked off a few nuts and bolts of my mind.