Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Pool,Liking, Love and Americans!

For a past few days, I have started playing Pool on Yahoo Games. I am an avid game player and don't play much games, but this 2 player Pool really hooked me - maybe because its a live multiplayer game which can be easily played on Net.
I am not very good at playing Pool, so I always played with people who had played less then 50 games so far, because, then I would have a fair chance of winning the game. A person, who had already played more then 50 games would have gained a lot of experience and would have easily won.'You are clever', you might say. Oh yes, I am.
Yesterday, I was waiting for a free table, which had a person, who had played less then 50 games and after waiting for a few minutes, I recieved an invitation from someone to play Pool. The person had played around 25 games and had won only one or two. I thought, I'll easily win, so I started playing..
After a few shots I recieved a message - ...
The Person - 'Hi'
What was I suppose to say? Of course
Me - 'Hi'
Few shots later -
The Person - 'Are you a boy?'
Now what was I supposed to answer to that? No, no - I didn't have to think what I am, but usually the question is Male/Female, not boy/girl. So, I thought most probably there was some kid playing out there with me.
Me - "Yes"
The Person - 'Do you like me?'
Now that was a question that jolted me. I blinked my eyes in order to see whether I was reading it right. How can you like someone whom you have never seen, never talked? Just by playing a few shots of Pool with him/her you start liking him/her? What was I supposed to answer to that?
Me - 'Where are you from? How old are you?'
The Person - 'NY, I am 14'
The Person - 'Do you like me?'
Me - 'Yes'
The Person - 'Do you Love me?'
Now that was another heavy duty jolt. Yes, I Iike kids, I love them, but that little girl was thinking of me as her boyfriend. I was totally unsure - How to answer the kid - I didn't want to hurt her but on the other hand the conversation was going in totally wrong directions and I had yet to pot 4 balls. She hadn't potted even a single one and I didn't want to leave the game and loose it. So, I just played my turn and didn't reply.
Now, she was talking a lot of time in her turn and I had no choice but to wait for my turn.
After a while -
The Person - "Do you Love me?'
What the hell?
Me - 'Yes'
The Person - "I love you?'
I potted two balls, two yet to go.
The Person - 'Do you Love me, MORE?'
Me - 'Yes, Please take your turn quickly'
The Person - "I love you more?'
The Person - 'Okie'
The Person - 'Will you go out with me?'
Me - 'Yes'
The Person - 'How do you look like?'
Me - 'Okie, okie type'
I have one ball yet to pot and after that the black one. She hasn't potted even a single ball yet.
The Person - 'I have green eyes and brown hair. What are yours?'
Me - 'I have grey eyes and black hair'
The Person - 'Kool'
Now I have only black ball to pot.
The Person - 'Do you love me?'
Me - 'Yes'
The Person - "I love you?'
The Person - 'Do you love me MORE?'
Me - 'Yes'
The Person - "I love you more?'
The Person - 'Are you hot?'
I potted the black ball, won the game, left the table and didn't login to yahoo games again that day. That was enough for a day I suppose.

Although my concept of liking and love is not the same as it was when I was 14-15 years old.But, I couldn't have said - 'I like you' to a stranger, whom I havn't even met and just played pool with her on net.

Maybe its the US, the great.

Another instance of pool which happened a few days back.
I am playing pool with someone having id - something like - bigmom - something...Now I had the criousity of asking her - How many children she had.
Me - 'Where are you from?'
Bigmom - 'Texas, US'
Me - 'How many children do you have?'
Bigmom - 'Six'
My God! six. These days Indian villagers(Now don't remember Laloo now - he's an exception) also have 2-3 kids, 4 max and she had 6 and on top of that - she was American. Maybe Americans have stopped using birth control methods.
Me - 'How old are you?'
Bigmom - '35'
Oh my, just 35 and she has 6 kids. I didn't believe her.
Me - 'Are you kidding?'
Bigmom - 'No'
I surely thought that she was joking.
Me - 'How old is the eldest one?'
Bigmom - '20, he just left home'
That 20 means that 35 - 20 = 15 years or in other words she got a kid when she was just 15 and from then she has just producing kids, as if nothing better to do.
Me - 'Are you kidding? That means you had your first kid, when you were just 15?'
Bigmom - 'No, I have 2, rest are my husbands'
Now what the hell was that supposed to mean? That the 2 were not her husband's, rest were? Oh then I remembered that someone told me that Americans marry atleast 4-5 times in their life and its common place for a 50 year old man to marry a 20-30 year old gal. What she probably meant was that she haid just 2 kids of her own, the rest four were of her husband's earlier marriages and that also meant her husband was somewhere in 50s.
Americans you are great!

Sunday, February 19, 2006


kabhi kisi ko mukammal jahan nahin milta
kahin zameen to kahin aasman nahin milta
jisay bhi dekhiyay woh apnay aap mein goum hai
zuban mili hai magar hum zuban nahin milta
kabhi kisi ko mukammal jahan nahin milta....
bujha saka hai bhala kaun waqt kay shoulay
yeh aisi aag hai jis mein dhuaan nahin milta
kabhi kisi ko mukammal jahan nahin milta....
teray jahan mein aisa nahin kay pyar na ho
jahan umeed ho iski wahan nahin milta
kabhi kisi ko mukammal jahan nahin milta
kahin zameen to kahin aasman nahin milta...

Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Rose would be a Rose, by whatever name it's called

Okie, it has been a very very long time since I posted anything and Mehak keeps demanding a new post. So here I go.
I was just sitting and a thought came to my mind. Did you even notice - How most of the names given to relationships are rhyming and 2 syllables. For example -, mu... my(mummy), cha.....cha(chacha), cha....chi(chachi),, ma....mi(mami), da...da(dada), da...di(dadi),, so on and so forth. Male relationship names always end with an 'aa' and female with 'ee'.
Maybe our old ancestors one day sat in a gathering and gave names to all relationships in one go or maybe the names gradually evolved over time. So, it could have been that instead of calling your mama as mama and mami as mami, we might have been calling them by the names of rara or rari or maybe lala or lali or maybe fafa or fafi. Seems funny. Try calling your mama by the name of rara and it seems totally absurd, but it could have been true that rara could had been the name given. Same is the case with other relationship names.
Maybe we have been associating names with people and relationships since childhood, so we get used to the names.

There is a saying - "A Rose would be a Rose, by whatever name it's called". Try calling it by a name say - 'ooku' or whatever comes to your mind and see what happens!