Saturday, May 27, 2006

Busy! Busy and Busy

I wanted to write lots of posts - quite a number of ideas came into my mind. But, last few days have been very busy, so they have just remained thoughts, so far. Probably, I'll write down some day - Sigh. - Don't know when that day will come.
Firstly, at office it was very hectic and busy - quite a number of clients wanted there things to be done and problems to be solved with utmost importance and urgency. So, it was just sheer maddening at office - nerves of quite a few people went loose. Managing all that was really challenging.

Secondly, I am looking to buy a car - probably Alto Lxi. I liked Mercedes Benz SL200 - hehehe - but probably some other time - some other life. Next choice was - Accent, but then didn't have that much money and didn't want to take a high loan - especially car loan, that comes at high interest. So, was talking to dealers, looking for options, researching etc.etc......

Thirdly, my younger brother, who stays at Bangalore was here. He's going to US for a month - left yesterday - was busy with him - arranging things, shopping etc.

Hope, I'll be back to - a post a week routine after next week - when things should come back to normal again - but you never know...

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Kite Runner -by Khaled Hosseini

Just completed read it. In 3 days flat. Some friend of mine gave it to me to read, saying that it was a nice novel. Although I was a little skeptical as he himself hadn't read it. But, he insisted that its reviews were good, so I thought of giving it a try atleast.

The first 20-25 pages were quite boring and I kept wondering - Why the hell I was putting so much effort in trying to read it? At that time I never even dreamed of completing it - the story wasn't moving much, infact it was not going anywhere at all and moreover because it was set up in Afganistan, I wasn't able to relate much to it. Finally, I decided that I will read a few more pages and if I didn't start liking it, I'll dump it.

But slowly the story begin to pickup and just like the old wine has its effect slowly but surely, this story also kept me hooked and I couldn't leave it till the bottle was empty - I mean till it was completely read. All the characters are built very beautifully and its not like a Hindi movie that they are black or white. Everyone is in shades of grey, some less, some more. Moreover, there isn't anything extraordinary like the hero alone killing hundreds of people in the Hindi movie Gadar - everything in it appears real life like. Probably thats why I liked it more. Its pretty emotional in parts and the author has been able to express the emotions very well.
Highly recommended if someone likes reading emotional novels.