Monday, November 14, 2005

20 Things About Me

I saw the '20 Things about me' at Divya's and Neetie's blog. Its easy to think about 20 things about others but its really very difficult to think about 20 things about yourself. You can always easily say that he likes this, she hates that, he is this, he is that - because when you come across people you observe what they say and what they do and based upon that you make perceptions about that person in your mind. But you never quite think of yourself. Of course, we have perceptions about ourselves also in our mind, but mostly they are pretty vague. So, this exercise of listing 20 things about me, might help me in knowing myself better.
It will require a lot of thinking. Let me give it a try - here I go...
1. The first thing that comes to my mind is that - all my best friends are childhood friends i.e. we have been friends since class second. We were a class of 25-30 students in class second and till date out of them atleast 10-15 are still bonded together by that beautiful thing called friendship. Out of which 5 are very close to me. Although I made a lot of friends at various places and stages of life, but no one ever came even close to that childhood friends.
Oh, I think I had to mention things about me, as the title "20 things about me " suggests - and I have started talking about my friends. Okie, now I am getting to more personal level from the second point itself. Come on - understand - the first point was a warming up exercise - you already know that its becoming very difficult for me to think about myself.

2. I love kids. Rather I should put it this way - I love kids that are between 1 year and 10 years of age. The age limit being due to the fact that a kid lesser then 1 year can' t talk, can' t play much and beyond after about 10 years of age, the innocence, the playful nature of the child is gone. The age limit of 1 year and 10 year is just to get an idea, not a hard and fast rule.

3.I am shy and reserved sort of a guy. It takes time for me to open up and make friends.

4.I did my schooling at Shimla. Ohh.. those beautiful gals of Shimla. St. Bedes Girls College. Don't ask me. I feel like packing my bags and heading off to Shimla right now.

5. The next 4 years after schooling were spent in Chandigarh. Chandigarh is also a very nice place. Clean, greeny, well planned and a great city to live in.

6. I like hill areas, natural beauty and living a simple life. Maybe I'll just work a few more years, collect enough money and then go and live at a hill station.

7. I am a Virgo and have most of the characteristics of a typical Virgo. If you want to know more about these characteristics then read Linda Goodman's Sun Signs.

8.I hate waiting for anything.For me time is precious - I can't tolerate wasting time.

9.I love reading books. In fact, I have such a huge collection of books at home that I can open a library.

10.I am deeply interested in understanding humans i.e. human physology, human behaviour, human brain etc.

11.I like to go along new unproven paths. Going along the herd is not my way. I will listen to other people, get their viewpoints, but even if all of them are going along a certain path and I feel that I should go to some other, then I' ll not hesitate to follow it.

12. I get easily bored by doing mundane daily tasks. I like doing something new or something different now and then to keep my neurons working.

13. I don't like giving arms to beggars but I will give money to him for finding a job.

14. I had a short temper. I have been working on it - its much better now.

15.I am good at planning and executing things.

16. I am a simple and down to earth person.

17. I like honest and true people. Honest, simple and true people go a long way with me. I can' t tolerate liers and selfish people.

18.Anyone in need, will always get help from me and I always try to do, whatever I can, in order to help him.

19.I have just gone once outside India - to Seoul, Korea.

20. In India I have gone as far as Bangalore in the South.

Phew, Thank God! I see that 20 in the above line. It took me days to complete the list. Did you see that the last few things are just one liners. Thats because, I wasn' t able to think of anything much.
I done want to tag anyone - whoever wasnt to do it, is most welcome.


At 8:40 AM, Anonymous deepakjeswal said...

Hi Navjot; you from Delhi? Arre wah!

So you caught the bait to talk about 20 things; nice! And really lucky to have friends from childhood. Being more of a vagabond, I cud never form such friendships. And also lucky to hv spent a considerable time in Shimla - even though vastly commercialised now, I still like the place ; my fav remains Kasauli though! And yeah from holiday spots, I too prefer hills to plains or beaches :-)

At 12:35 PM, Blogger Fursat said...

so aapne bhi 20 things kar hi li...its really tough to write things about ourself..

its nice to know that you guys are frds..u r shy..doesnt seems though...i never been our of delhi..not shimla or else :|

good to know that you are down to too hate selfish ppl...

nice list..good to know abt u

take care

God bless u !

At 12:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So you also accepted the 20s. Good.

I also love Hills.

So you are Virgo. Me too.

Nice to read about yours too :).

:) Silky Moon

At 10:14 AM, Blogger Navjot Kashyap said...

Hmm. presently I am at Delhi, but don't know where I belong to? Shimla, Chandigarh,Delhi? Some part of my soul is present in all there places :-)
Yes, I feel myself very very lucky to have childhood friends still around.
Shimla wasn't commercialised n my childhood, so it was really fun at that time.

At 10:21 AM, Blogger Navjot Kashyap said...

Haanji hamney bhi ro dho kar, jasey tasey 20 things kar hi li.20 bhut jyda hai...4-5 hoti to theek tha..
Yup, I am very lucky to have childhood friends..with them you don't have to put any mask..u can say anything.. do anything..& u can always count on the fact that they will be there for you - no matter what happens...
U too take care.
God bless you too.

At 10:22 AM, Blogger Navjot Kashyap said...

U too Virgo - good good :-)

At 11:31 AM, Anonymous red said...

wish i had the same patience to compile the list.good going:)


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