Sunday, June 26, 2005

I am a caveman :-(

Inspite of all the knowledge and education - I am just like that - A caveman. What do you do when someone comes to you with daggers and start fighting? Just like a cave man used to fight back, when attached by any animal or wild beast - you fight back - try to kill the beast? Right?

Wrong? Knowledge tells me that you should maintain your calm. You should try to calm down the person, who is yelling at you. You should try to understand his/her point of view and let him/her get mad at you, without retaliating back.
But inspite of knowing all that, at that time I almost always forget all that and end up justifying my point of view and he/she just tries to do exactly the same. End result - nothing - neither of us reach anywhere - neither of us understand each other - only thing that results is bruised relations.
It takes a lot of courage to keep your calm at that time - even more then that required to fight back. Once, I did remember all the knowledge, while someone was try to gulp his wisdom down my throat. At that time - each and every cell of my body was trying to retaliate - How could you say - I am wrong? You don't even know the facts? But, then, fighting back only makes things worse.
I am trying to improve on that. But, I find it extremly difficult to do - scientists say that the part of brain which was present in that brain of the caveman - who used to fight back - is still present in the human beings and it just takes over in fear/fight/flight situations. I have to kill that cave man instinct. God help me. I'll definetly try.


At 2:24 PM, Blogger Silky Moon said...

Knowledge says something but we act according to our justifications...... That the human we are......

And by virtue we still are caveman no matter how educated and learnt we are but the basic and original character of caveman is rooted deep inside us and it urge time to time.

Hope you will able to kill that and god will help who help himself and tries. God bless you dear.


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