Tuesday, October 25, 2005


She – “So�

He – “So, what�

She – “Shall I go now? I have some important work�

He – “Yeah of course, you just came……. Shall we meet on 19th?� Getting irritated and angry….

She – “Well, I’ll try….. Oh, but 19th has already gone, it was ….. (seeing the small round watch on her wrist)….. 4 days ago�

He – “Yeah, I waited for 3 hours�… Getting more angrier

She – “Oh I am so sorry, you understand my problems… na….�

He – “You don’t understand me� Getting more angrier..

She – “Huh…. “

He – “Do you think I am a fool?� Getting even more angrier

She – “Now who said you are a fool?�

He – “You think I am a fool? You don’t understand me�

She – “Please try to understand my problem….� … From her face it looked that she’ll start crying in a few moments…


She turned and left…

He kept looking in her direction for a while then turned around in the opposite direction and left.

Both are 25+ in their age and both have plans to get married in the near future. Now, whole of this episode kept me wondering and thinking… With that sort of understanding…..Happily Married????? Doubts, doubts, doubts…. Of course I don’t have any personal experience to backup my doubts and maybe I might have been blowing things out of proportion in my mind…But, hey, give me a break – Can’t this have been handled in a better way – Both of them could have sat and one by one could have tried to explain his/her side and the other could have tried to understand it. Hmmm. Maybe, I was witnessing it as a third person and was not involved in the situation, so it might be easier for me to say all this, but then also I can’t get over the fact that it’s no way you can expect everything from the other person without putting effort from your side.


At 10:11 AM, Blogger anthony said...

You eavesdropped??????? Well, its a very intersting habit though.. and Man, things like happen to almost all couples.. The perfect couple is just about 0.01 %.. and True Love prevails, happily lived after ever blah blah happne sonly in Movies and Novels I guess..

At 10:41 AM, Blogger Navjot Kashyap said...

No, I didn't eavesdrop. He's my friend, both of us were in an empty Cafe, she came there & I just shifted to another table.
Perfect couple? Now I'll like to have a discussion on it - hmm.. maybe some other time....It might fill pages & pages of my blog...LOL...
But, yes I suppose - Happily lived after forever happens only in movies & novels...


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