Saturday, June 04, 2005

Simple Questions

Sometimes, the simplest of the questions are the most difficult to answer. Infact, most of the times, I am not even able to arrive at any satisfactory answers. Who are you? What are you doing? Why are you living? What do you want to achieve? Why did you come on Earth? What's the purpose of life? Why do you do all the things that you do in life? Is growing up, getting education, earning a living, getting married, having kids, raising them and then dying the way to live life? Is their any purpose of life? After all a monkey or a fish also lives life on the same protocol or sequence? Isn't it (except for education, I suppose)?

Hey, but, you'll say - "There is a difference between a fish and a human being. A fish doesn't have a brain like that of a human being. A fish doesn't have feelings and cannot experience things like a human being. It can't think. Have you gone crazy? You are comparing fish with human beings?". Just for arguing, I'll say - So, what great did human beings achieve by having a so called brain, that they are so proud of?

Let's move a little bit outside from Earth. Let's goto Moon and sit there. Let's also keep our clones on Earth, i.e. the clone of you and me, and let them keep doing - What we do each and everyday on Earth. Let's also take with us, some sort of sofisticated telescope, by which we can zoom in and see - What all is going on earth? Now you would be wondering - "Why the hell are we supposed to goto Moon?" We are going to moon, just to get a different perspective of things. Sitting there, you'll see that Earth is a very small planet, as seen from there, maybe a little bit bigger then the moon as seen from earth. There are zillions of other planets and moons in this Universe, Earth will just be a tiny speck in all that, maybe even smaller then that. Now you'll ask - "Why are you telling me all that? Don't I already know that from all the science text-books, that I read in school?"

I don't reply to your question directly and say - "Let's use the telescope and see - What all is going on Earth?". We zoom in the telescope to some part on the Earth and barely able to see the human beings. They are appearing as just small dots. Some dots are stationary while others are moving here and there. Some dots are moving in some sort of a very small tin, steel and plastic boxes. Those moving in boxes have greater speeds then the normal dots. Some dots are entering some sort of boxes that appear bigger then the tin ones and the other diffeence is that the bigger boxes are made of something different and are not moving as the small ones. Some dots are moving out of those big boxes. In a nutshell, something similar to Brownian motion is going on.

Let's move to some other part of the Earth, keeping the zooming level same. Maybe we'll find something different. We move on to various parts on the Earth, but almost everywhere, where we can see the human beings - the story is the same. Yes, the dots appear in different colors at different places, the boxes are also of different shapes and sizes and color, but, other things appear to be same.

Now, let's move on to some sea or ocean and see what all the fish is doing. We increase the zoom level by a little bit, so that now the fish is also appearing like dots. Similar kind of movement of dots is seen here also. although, there arn't any boxes out here, but nevertheless, other things appear to be the same.

Now let's zoom further and see - What all my clone on Earth is doing? Today, he's at his office, inspiring people to work harder and reach greater heights. Just what a good leader should do, he's instilling in them, that spirit of going beyond the edge and becoming a great success in life, by working harder, putting extra effort and achieving excellence and perfection in whatever they are doing. I start laughing at seeing all that and wonder if my clone ever saw the things from this perseptive, from where I am presently seeing them(sitting on the moon). Things that he is so crazy about, don't even have any meaning from my perspective. I feel like asking him some simple questions - Does it all matter? If not, What matters then? Why are poeple like you, rushing madly behind something unknown, you don't know, What? you don't know, Where? Why do you have to do the same things which others are doing, just because other's are doing that and you don't want to be left behind? Is that the reason for dong them? Do you really have to be successful? What is success? What's right? What's wrong? Is there anything right or anything wrong? Again, I have started thinking of the same simple questions that I started with and whose answers I havn't found untill now.


At 2:13 PM, Blogger Silky Moon said...

Your simple question and thoughts made me to puzzle :D


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