Monday, June 06, 2005

Not a good day !

Sometimes nothing goes as planned. Today, after getting up, I had thought that its the beginning of the week, so no matter what happens, I'll try to be happy all day. But, life had some other plans for me. I reach office by changing two autos. The first one leaves me at the Delhi border, the next one takes me to my office in Delhi. Getting an auto to reach Delhi border isn't much of a problem, because its something of the type - "janta autos", the autowallah takes 3-5 bucks from each person and around 7-8 persons go in one auto. The service is very frequent, so you hardly have to wait for more then 2 minutes to hop on to an auto. As, I do everyday, I hopped on to an auto, which was almost empty, enjoying the passing scenery it took me just 10 minutes to reach Delhi boder.
But, after reaching there, my ordeal started. The autowallahs of Delhi never take people on meter, inpite of having electronic meters and inspite of strict instructions from the Delhi government to do so. Usually it happens that you have to stand there and ask each and every passing auto and hopefully after asking 15-20 autos, you get one autowallah who is going in that direction for some or the other work and agrees to take you via meter.
Sky was overcast and with no nearby place to stand in shade, I was sweating in just 3 minutes flat. Its better if its sunny, because even when the temperature is above 40 degrees, some breeze keeps blowing, which keeps you sweat evaporating. But, today it was worse, cloudy sky, with no breeze blowing and high humidity. On top of that, no autowallah willing to take you via meter. "50 rupee me chalna hai to bolo" - comes a arrogant reply from most of the autowallahs. "Per bhiya ji, sirf 6 km to jana hai, meter se 25 bantey hai, aur aap to dugney maang rahey ho. Theek hai aapko bhi pasey kamaney hai, per aapki to mushkil se 5-6 rupee ki CNG bhi nehi lageygi, aur meter laga to hai. Meter se chaley". "Bola na, 50 me chalna hai to bol" comes the reply. I do a hand gesture to the autowallah to move on. Although there is a helpline also and you can call the helpline if any autowallah is unwilling to take you on meter or misbehaves in any manner. But, all that is just a rule. Most of the time , you don't get connected and by chance even if you get connected, nothing I done. So, its useless to call, you only end up loosing your money on the call.
After standing for about 15 minutes there, I was sweating very badly, and started cursing the government. I pay so much of tax every year and govt. can't even provide sufficient transportation facilities. Then I started thinking, was 25 bucks more precious then your sweat? Certinly not. I can easily pay 50 bucks, not a problem, but then something in me told me, not to pay 50 bucks, inspite of the miserable condition I was in. After asking about 20 autowallahs, I did find some very honest person, who took me on meter. He didn't have the change, so I don't know what occured in my mind - I asked him to keep that 50 bucks that I gave him and said that it was just because you took me on meter and I sincerly hope that you'll keep taking people on meter.
After reaching office, I drank lots and lots of water and it took almost an hour to come to normal.


At 11:01 PM, Blogger Akruti said...

Firstthing,act safe,standing somuch time in hot summer sun is not advicable,me saying it because i am straight out of hospital bed:( and second,try for some kind of transportation instead of this daily punishment.
third,daily i spend 100 rs for travelling:( 50 in the morning and 50 evening for metered auto.Hyd is far more better,they use meters.
Next and very imp,i would have done the same as what u have done,giving double the amt to a honest person and who knows how to behave is never a problem,but someone misbehaves,and i just cant stand them for a sec.
today morning from temple i couldn walk,took an auto and gave him double the amt,20 instead of 10 because he was going i nthe opposite direction but came because he said "arre madam,akele ladki road pe khadi hai tho hum kaise chale jayein"

At 10:06 PM, Blogger Navjot Kashyap said...

Apni fikar hi kisko hai, dost! Zamaney me aur bhut se gum hai, jee behlaney ke liey...
I'll try to get up early tomorrow and go by company Sumo. I hope I make it... most probably.. I'll not... but anyway - there's no harm in trying....


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