Sunday, July 10, 2011

Operation BB - A Story - Episode 2

If you have not read episode 1, please read it here

'Shut up, you idiot. Next time you watch....', I got worked up by his abuse.

Far away, the sun was about to set in all its glory, behind the lofty, green, sky kissing mountains, and its soft orange-reddish-golden rays were bathing the scattered white clouds to provide us with beautiful, mesmerizing views. Nature was about to paint its best pictures. The trees were blossoming with orange colored palash and gulmohr flowers and roadsides were flooded with those unlucky ones which had dropped from the trees.
We stopped at the edge of the road to soak in its beauty.I plucked three beautiful orange colored flowers from the low lying branches of a nearby tree and handed one each to Professor and Aashiq while keeping the third one in my own hands.

'Hey Jogi, Let's get married', Aashiq pleaded.

'Shut up, you retard', I retorted back.

'Hey man, listen first. I have heard that in some US states its legally allowed and they even greet them with open arms. They provide unemployment benefits too. Imagine, we won't have to clear IIT or PMT or work for the rest of our lives but just enjoy and enjoy.', Aashiq blew five-six kisses in the air to signify what he was talking about.

'Shut up, or I'll kill you just now'.

'Only thing is that we have to sneak into some cargo ship going into that US state and then fun, fun and fun.....', Aashiq tried to put an arm around my shoulders.

I backed two feet away from him. 'Don't you dare come near me, else I will throw you down this steep slope. Professor, ask him to stop this nonsense', I looked at Professor for help.

'First you give me this beautiful flower and when I respond to it.. why are you sulking like a innocent girl?', Aashiq inquired.

'That was - for you to give it to the girl you like', I explained.

'Shut up you fools. Let's, at least, enjoy the sunset in peace', Professor quipped.
Mercifully, that put an end to the brimming altercation between us, which otherwise would have surely ended in a dog fight.

The sunset was indeed very beautiful and the three of us, holding flowers in our hands, started looking at the sunset - soaking in the soft warmth of the Sun rays on our faces and enjoying the immense beauty that lay all around us.

Looking at the setting Sun, Professor started to speak in a very soft deep tone, 'I am sure three beautiful girls would be looking at this very sunset and wishing that someone, somewhere would be made for each one of them too. Hey Sun, please give these flowers to them and tell them that we will meet soon'.

Professor raised his flower towards the Sun and then proceeded to carefully fix it on low lying branches, nearby. Not knowing what else to say or do, Aashiq and me did exactly the same.

Without saying another word Professor, Aashiq and me kept looking at the sunset for a long time.

I started thinking about my dream girl and wishing that she was here with me to see the sunset instead of these two lunatics. I was sure Professor was having similar thoughts. But about Aashiq. He was definitely dreaming about at least three-four girls at the same time.

After a long time we started slowly dragging ourselves towards home.

Professor spoke again. 'We will have to do something, man'.


To be continued...........


At 1:01 PM, Blogger Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

me first...

ok so have you found your dream girl yet or not?

What about professor and aashiq?

At 10:42 PM, Blogger A said...

Even in the USA same sex marriage is not really allowed. The statement 'even in the USA it is allowed and greeted with open arms' is not correct.

You stick with dream girl buddy :))))

Looking forward to rest of it....

At 7:14 PM, Blogger A said...

I was out on vacation from 5th July to 18th. I am still tying to catch up. When are you going to post the next part of this story?

At 1:34 PM, Blogger Navjot Kashyap said...

Yes and No, Yes and No, Yes and No..

Thanks for reading it.I am not getting the time and the right mood to write further. Will update you whenever I post next.


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