Sunday, March 25, 2007


I had to buy some gifts for my niece and nephew, but wasn't aware of any good gifts' shop stocking goodies especially for children So, on Saturday, I did a bit of net surfing and made a list of 8-10 shops that looked promising for my adventure. Mostly were greeting cards' shops and I didn't have high hopes on them, but anyway - What was the harm in trying?
As it turned out, the first few were huge disappointments and didn't have anything much apart from one or two dolls and a few racing cars. My hopes were rapidly diminishing with every entry I striked out in the list. But, before I striked out the last entry, I did find the kind of shop I was looking for. The first thing I liked about that shop was that it was quite large and yet no greeting card was stocked in it. The collection of gifts was vast and unique and some of them very extremely beautiful.
After selecting the gifts, which itself took a considerable time due to the sheer number of different options available, the owner started to gift wrap them. In between he also had to take care of a few others customers. His 2-3 years old son was playing around in the shop, so I just went ahead to have a chat with him and probably play with him if he seemed interested. The kid was very cute, with a pencil in hand, which he was assuming to be a gun, he was running here and there - ignorant of anything going on the world - just enjoying himself. I tried to shake hands with him, but he didn't seem interested. Then he started to point his pencil towards me as if it was a gun, and started shooting - I acting as if injured or dead. Then he smiled. A smile so beautiful & cute - I wish I had a camera and could catch that moment. Instantly, we connected and played for a long time. I wished for some more customers to arrive, so that the gift wrapping was delayed further and we could keep on playing. But after a while, the gifts were wrapped and after paying the bill, I had to leave. The kid looked sad at my leaving - I was too, but he'll forget it in the next few minutes and be his playful self once again, on the other hand I'll never forget it. I'll surely go to that gift shop again - maybe not to buy and gifts but just to meet the kid.

This makes me remember one more instance, which I'll write about in my next post.


At 10:01 AM, Anonymous Junei said...

Beautiful post!

So you too love kids :).

It's good that you have lived a life in a moment. Kids are such and they make us to forget everything and to be kids with them.

It's very easy to be friend with kids as they are so innocent and reminds us to be like them.

Whenever I see kids I also play with them :).

Waiting for the next post :)

At 10:43 AM, Anonymous Deepak Jeswal said...

There is a beautiful shop just next to Odeon Cinema (Connaught Place) ... I hv bought several gifts for my own nephews from there. It's a treasure trove, and the shop owner is very helpful too...

At 7:53 PM, Blogger Navjot Kashyap said...

Thanks. Yes, I too love kids.Kids are simply great.
Thanks for the info.
Next time I'll try it there...


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